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Click on the  News  page to see my response to the IPSSA-NPIRC salt pool study.  This study has problems and the conclusions reached are not supported by the data.


**Information on commercial pool drains and VGB Pool Safety Act.**

California passes bill (AB 1020), effective immediately,  to conform California law to the Federal Pool & Spa Safety Act (VGB).  See summary below.
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Located in Poway in San Diego County, Calif.  Specializing in pool equipment repair, upgrading and improvements, chlorine generators, ORP/pH chemical control systems for commercial pools and consulting.  We also sell a limited number of parts that seem to be hard to find.

Equipment specialties:  Pentair IntelliTouch, IntelliChlor, IntelliFlo, Compool; Goldline P4 controls; Aqua Rite, Clormatic, Uniclor/AnthoClor chorine generators, Blue-White & Stenner chemical pumps, Acu-Trol chemical controllers.  Replacement parts available for these brands.

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See what an earthquake does to a swimming pool!  Go to "Commercial" page then go to the bottom of the page.

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Special new program for California commercial pool owners who heat their pools all year long:  "A FREE gift from the PUC... and it's HUGE!"  Click  here  to see a summary.  Click  HERE   (or paste this URL in your browser:  for more information on this program.  Peck Pool Services is an authorized installer for this program.

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California has passed legislation (AB 1020, signed 10/11/09) adopting the Federal VGB Pool & Spa Safety Act.  It takes effect immediately.  Here is a summary of the law.  (The full text can be viewed here.)

1.  All "public pools" (public, semi-public, commercial) built after Dec.19, 2009 must comply with the federal law.
2.  All pools built before  Dec.19, 2009 which make alterations requiring a permit must be retrofitted to comply with the federal law.
3.  All remaining pools must be retrofitted to comply with the federal law by Dec.19, 2011.
4.  The law applies to "main drains" but they have defined "main drain" to include all suction outlets feeding a pump.

While this provides a deadline of Dec. 2011 for existing pools to meet state law, it is still my opinion that insurance companies issuing liability coverage for pools will likely require earlier compliance since under federal law the requirements are already in effect.  Just my opinion...

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At the present time we can not take any weekly service customers or do emergency repairs for new customers.  Go to  and click on your ZIP code for some possiblities.

We do not work on hot tubs/portable spas.  Try:

Pat at  Farrior Spa & Pool Repair  or Ron  at  San Diego Hot Tubs.

We do not work on saunas, above ground pools, or fish ponds.  (We specialize in killing things in water so you can see the problem with fish ponds...)

We do not have a retail store.

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  • phone:  858-673-8556

  • PO Box 270168, San Diego, CA  92198-2168

  • Peck Enterprises, Calif contractors license #536654, B & C-61/D-35  (CSLB License check)

  • Certified Pool Operator # 92-09610

  • Member,  IPSSA   San Diego Chapter  (click either for more info)                 



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